No Good Good Guy

An Album Showcasing Duality and Humanity

Minneapolis, MN –Anishinaabe and Oneida Hip-Hop artist Tall Paul’s new album No Good Good Guy was released on December 23, 2015. Two years in the making, the album explores themes of our humanity and imperfections. The No Good Good Guy album wavers between the more light hearted “good guy” versus the more intense, darker “no good guy” tracks that ask the listener to question: “what is a good guy?” and “what makes a person good?”

11 tracks make up the album from All Kingz to Puppy Love and Reservation Guilt Trip; this album showcases the real human side of each of us. The narrator, storyteller, emcee taking us through each track asks us not to put him too high up on a pedestal that no human could live up to. Instead, the album shows us the sides of ourselves we tend to keep concealed.

The cover features powerful art by Pyramid Lake Paiute artist Gregg Deal. The design echoes the themes of “good” versus “no good” contained in each song. However, the album is more than just what’s on the cover – each track shows a more complete self in the music.


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