Wanbli Ceya

Wanbli Ceya a.k.a. juQ is an Oglala Lakota singer / songwriter based on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He is also an advocate for his Lakota culture, working towards launching his own art collective “ogp.” and is an artist of Dream Warriors Management. HIs aspirations belong to the narrative of influencing his own community towards ancestral ideology, cultural / language resurgence, & empowerment with hopes that his efforts will inspire indigenous communities all over the world. Wanbli’s music is a hybrid mix of spoken poetry, Pop / R&b w/ cultural context, & hand drum songs that that either incorporate or is completely in his Lakota language and is also centered around his experiences of pursuing culture & love while dealing with the craziness of rez life as well as life as a Lakota in the USA, with his debut project “tempo” racking up 4 award nominations (from NAMA & ISMA respectively. Wanbli is also working towards launching many different cultural, language initiatives with the major one being “mni: a lakota immersion tipi village”. With many of his aspirations already set in motion and his undying love for his people and their ways, Wanbli is sure to make an inspirational impact wherever he goes.

Booking Inquiry: wanbli@dreamwarriors.co